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Jonathan Haas Oak Staccato Timpani Mallets


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Great for professionals and students.Promark drumsticks, mallets, and accessories are created by drummers for sound as amazing as they look using only unendangered wood in the manufacturing process. Promark delivers consistent, premium quality so you can focus on the music!

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Promark Jonathan Haas JH2 Staccato Timpani Mallet | Percussion Sticks + Mallets

Manufacturer item #: JH2

Jonathan Haas Series JH2 Staccato Timpani Mallet has a hard, red felt head that offers the superior clarity for highly rhythmic passages that need to be very short and precise. In addition to the JH1 and the JH3, the JH2 provides the timpanist with a complementary choice of hard mallets. Japanese Oak handles provide extra weight without added diameter, enhancing projection.

Promark mallet cores are injection molded in-house using a patented insert design. The mallets are then threaded onto shafts and bonded with epoxy. A proprietary wrapping method allows for variable tension, angle, and index throughout every layer of yarn, which significantly extends the life of the mallet and improves consistency.

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Product Features

  • Part of Promark’s Jonathan Haas Series
  • Japanese Oak handles provide added weight without a larger diameter
  • Lacquer Finish
  • Hardness: 5
  • Type: Timpani Mallets
  • Great choice for professionals and students
  • All Promark mallets are designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Sold as a pair

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