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Custom Hybrid Flags

Band Shoppe’s custom Hybrid Flags combine a beautiful array of fabrics, including Poly China Silk and Genuine Tissue Lamé, with any of our printed fabric options – like poly china silk, iridescent ice, and metallic ultra lamé. Designing your own is easy! Contact our Sales Team with your ideas, and they’ll work with our Design Team to create a full-color sketch for approval. Remember to allow extra time for printed fabric production.

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Custom Digital Flag Fabrics

Each fabric has unique characteristics to keep in mind when planning your next flag. If you’re not sure which to choose, contact our Sales Team with any questions, and they can help you figure out which fabric will work best for your ideas.

Poly China Silk: The tried-and-true. Reliable results. Perfect for most designs, pastel friendly. Prints fully saturated on both sides of the fabric.

Iridescent Ice: Semi-transparent. Colorful luminosity changes when seen from different angles. Prints fully saturated on both sides of the fabric.

Flag Twinkle: Semi-transparent. Sheer with a glittery shine. Best for designs with high color contrast. Prints fully saturated on both sides of the fabric.

Crystal Clear Lamé: Most transparent. Best for designs that play with negative space and bold graphic patterns. Prints fully saturated on both sides of the fabric.

Metallic Ultra Lamé: Most metallic. Highly reflective, perfect for bold, colorful designs. Prints one-sided, may need to be made with double layers.

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