Band Shoppe Manufacturing Schedule

Manufacturing production times start from the receipt of your sample approval, where applicable. The dates listed are approximate and subject to change. Deliveries scheduled on a holiday will be forecast for the day after the holiday. Dates listed are subject to change.

FOR THE WEEK OF: 05/20/2024 – 05/24/2024

Fully Structured Jacket/Trousers 361/271/281/291/301/31
Insignia Jackets/Blouses*341/131/141/151/161/17
Band Uniform w/ Printed Fab361/271/281/291/301/31
Guard Uniforms*46/176/186/196/206/21
Custom Guard Uniforms77/87/97/107/117/12
Guard with Printed Fabric77/87/97/107/117/12
Embroidery / Decoration56/246/256/266/276/28
Flags – Custom36/106/116/126/136/14
Flags – Special Design46/176/186/196/206/21
Flags – Custom Printed36/106/116/126/136/14
Flags – Hybrid46/176/186/196/206/21

*Add 10 weeks manufacturing to orders using Dac/Wool or Wool  *Subject to fabric availability
Castellane Flocked hats128/128/138/148/158/16
Castellane Pebble Finish 87/157/167/177/187/19
Castellane Musketeer & Deluxe E-Z Clear107/297/307/318/18/2
Castellane Custom Shakos87/157/167/177/187/19
Castellane Busbys81/51/61/71/81/9
Castellane Helmets (Black & White)87/157/167/177/187/19
Castellane Helmets (Metal Plated)128/128/138/148/158/16
Budget Express Shakos46/176/186/196/206/21
Bayly Shakos & Busbys67/17/27/37/47/5
Bayly Shakos (Special Order/Embroidery)107/297/307/318/18/2
Bayly Helmets (Black or White)67/17/27/37/47/5
Bayly Helmets (Metal Plated)87/157/167/177/187/19
Parade & Classic Band Cap87/157/167/177/187/19
Deluxe EZ Clean’s46/176/186/196/206/21
Feather Plumes (Black or White)46/176/186/196/206/21
Feather Plumes (Standard Colors)67/17/27/37/47/5
Feather Plumes (Dyed-to-match)87/157/167/177/187/19

*Shakos/Helmets: Manufacturing forecast is stated “from date vendor receives approved sample.   

*Custom vinyl plumes will take 3 weeks  
Custom Poms & Megaphones 15/275/285/295/305/31
Printed Banners56/246/256/266/276/28
Rain Coats 87/157/167/177/187/19

For more information, call (800)457-3501 or email [email protected].

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