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South Iredell Recovers From Accident

‘Tis the season! As we embrace the season of giving, and care for those closest to us in our community, Band Shoppe asks that you remember the marching band family across the nation too.

Band Shoppe is very proud to have been a small part of these student’s lives in 2016. But this isn’t about us. It’s about supporting our community — our music community, our marching community, our education community. There are many music programs out there that need a little support from the music community and their local community to thrive.

South Iredell, NC

On a wet October Saturday in 2015, the South Iredell Marching Vikings had just pulled up to their rival high school, North Iredell, for the first band competition of the year. As students were getting off the buses to enter the school’s main entrance, their equipment truck had pulled up under a concrete and metal overhang in front of the school. As students were walking in, the equipment truck struck a support beam and caused the overhang to collapse.

At first, everyone thought it was nothing as there was a loud scrap when the truck moved under the overhang. But as the truck continued to move, metal and concrete began to fall on students passing through to the entrance. As students in the way of danger began to scream, many became trapped under piles of falling debris. Those not involved in the accident rushed to help their fellow injured band-mates move from harm’s way. And then after the first wave of concrete fell a second wave of material fell from the overhang injuring additional students.

“You realize something wasn’t right. And you are just praying for those kids,” said Band Director Jill Smith in an interview with WCNC in Charlotte, NC.

When the tragic incident was all said and done, 25 students and adults were injured at North Iredell that day – including three with life-threatening injuries. But thankfully, no one lost their life due to this accident. And the South Iredell band moved on. But there is more to this story.

Scene where equipment truck struck a support beam of overhang in front of North Iredell High School.
Photo courtesy of WXII.

When Band Director Jill Smith came to South Iredell, there were only 32 students in the band. Now the band has grown to 130 and the music program has not been able to afford uniforms for the rest of the Marching Vikings.

“We have about 60 kids in the original uniforms and then about 60 kids in make-shift-whatever-we-could-afford. So they can look kind of disjunct on the field,” Smith told WCNC.

A year later, the accident has brought the entire band together but they have never felt completely united when on the field. With the help of WCNC and the support of their community along with Band Shoppe, the South Iredell Marching Vikings received new marching band uniforms. Now the band can finally look as united as they feel!

To view the news story about South Iredell, you can go to the WCNC website at:

The South Iredell Marching Vikings in their new uniforms.
Photo courtesy of WCNC.

With their new uniforms, the band has never been stronger. Everyone has recovered from the accident and have grown from the experience.

If you feel compelled to help this group, you can reach out to South Iredell on their Facebook page at:

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