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Flag Basics – Part 3: Does Size Matter?


This is Part 3 of our Flag Basics Series, to check out all of our flag posts Click Here.

Today we will review tips on selecting the right size flag pole. Whether a tall flag for spinning and tossing, a swing flag for lyrical ballads, or an oversized flag for a bit wow moment, ensuring the right size silk and pole is key to your student’s success.

Most high school performers use a 6-foot pole. Younger groups (elementary and middle school) may use 5’ or 5.5’ poles. For younger, or inexperienced groups, you may find that a shorter pole is easier to start with. Shorter poles are easier to manipulate, especially for very young students. Longer poles require more muscle strength and technique training to allow a group to show off their skills and provide a bigger visual from the larger silk size.  

For standard flags (or tall flags) use the chart below to determine the size flag silk and coordinating pole. The number on the left is the header length (sleeve), and the number on the right measures the width of the flag at its furthest point, including 3″ for the width of the header.

Flags Sizes

The number on the left is the header length (sleeve), and the number on the right measures the width of the flag at its furthest point, including 3″ for the width of the header.

  • 5 foot pole – 30″ x 46″
  • 5.5 foot pole – 33″ x 50″
  • 6 foot pole – 36″ x 54″
  • 7 foot pole – 42″ x 60″


Swing flags (also known as hand flags) are another way to add variety and impact to your show.  Large swing flags measure approximately 44″ x 66″ and are used on 48″ poles Ultra Lite poles. A ½” diameter PVC pole or dowel can also work well. Many groups will use two swing flags together for an even bigger impact.  

Drill team units often use smaller size swing flags on poles under 36″. These flags measure approximately 24″ x 32″ and are great for faster maneuvers. Band Shoppe offers swing flags in a variety of designs and sizes. We can also custom design something for you!  


An oversize flag is a great way to generate BIG impact. This could be 42” x 60” on a 7-foot poles or a 6’ x 8’ flag on a 10-foot pole like our Bungee pole.

Band Shoppe offers a wide color array of solid silk and lamé flags for this size pole. The flags measure 6-foot x 8-foot and would also be used on a 7-foot pole if desired.  

You are free to use any flag dimensions you choose for your design. Remember to make sure the size of your flag silk is not too big that the students struggle with the choreography. All flag can be custom made to any dimensions you may need. Band Shoppe’s Solid Color Flags are a great, inexpensive way to test common sizes and shapes.

Band Shoppe’s line of custom flags are always made in the USA and are constructed using field tested techniques that ensure a superior product. Our free design service includes full color sketches. Our team of friendly sales staff can help you along the way. Choose one of our in stock or custom designs shown on our website, work from your original drawings, or let our team create one just for you!

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