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Flag Design Basics – Part 2: Digital Printing


This is Part 2 of our Flag Basics Series, to check out all of our flag posts Click Here.

Digital Print flags are a great way to achieve an intense or ultra-thematic flag without all the extra weight and seams. The 50-piece sewn ‘stained glass’ flag? Print it! Need a city skyline with a taxicab? Print it! Your school mascot? Print it!  

DON’T pick just any image for digital flags

For the best quality product, you will want to ensure a high-resolution print out. Images with too much detail are going to get lost on the field/floor. Go for a bold photo or texture with a clear purpose. Like stage makeup, details pop from far away when they are exaggerated.   

Here’s an example high resolution vs. low resolution:

High Resolution Image vs. Low Resolution Image

Most images found on a basic Google image search, along with potentially being copyright protected, are just too small. To obtain better quality printing, we require high-resolution image files. In the example above, note the crisp detail on the high-resolution image. This picture will look perfect when it is printed on flag fabric. On the right is a low-resolution image that you find on Google. As you can see, it is quite muddy and will not translate well on fabric. To find great high-resolution images, Shutterstock is our preferred stock image website. Let us know the image ID and we’ll do the rest. If you’re unsure, let us create an image for you!    


Printed flags are great way to create a school logo/mascot flag for use in parades or special events.  Band Shoppe has a wide array of predesigned templates that you can choose from, or we can help you create something brand new.  


Our most popular option to print on is Poly China Silk. This fabric provides vibrant color and detail with total ink bleed through. This is the best option for the most “WOW” factor and longevity.  In addition to Poly China Silk, we offer two other fabric options for digital flags, Crystal Clear Lame’ and Iridescent Ice Lame’.

Crystal Clear Lamé offers a unique translucent appearance and works well with heavily saturated abstract designs.

Iridescent Ice Lamé provide a metallic flair with a hint of prismatic elements and works best with abstract, non-specific designs.

A word of caution: lamé fabrics are much more delicate and can tear easily. Heavy detail and/or specific graphics can get blurred or lost when printing on these fabrics. 

If you have any questions, just contact our Sales Team. We are here to help you!

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