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4 Facts About Our Shipping Charges

At Band Shoppe we often receive questions about how our shipping charges are calculated or why marching companies do not offer free shipping on products such as Marching Band Shoes, Color Guard Shoes, Flag poles, or Gloves. There are many reasons for shipping rates and policies. If you are shopping multiple sites, be sure to compare the total cost of the order (items + shipping) for each scenario. You will likely find that the site offering “free” shipping is actually more expensive versus the site charging you a fair price for both the items and shipping costs.

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1. Why don’t marching band companies offer free shipping? Traditionally marching products such as shoes were sold in bulk directly to schools. For example, a school might order 40-70 pair of marching band shoes on one order with shipping added. In general, shipping more products costs less per item than shipping individual items. It is becoming more common now for band parents or students to buy a single pair of marching band shoes or other marching band products. Check out our shipping info page for more details.

2. Why do so many other online retailers have free shipping? Often, these retailers have built the shipping cost into the retail price. The average marching band shoe price is $35.00 + residential shipping of $16.95. That is a total cost of $51.95 versus a higher retail price with a free shipping promotion. Many schools still order products in large quantities and expect the lowest prices. Athletic shoes average $60-100 and have the shipping cost built in.

3. Why are shipping charges so high? In addition to our own handling costs, every shipping company must cover the cost of fuel, address changes, rural area delivery, along with lift gate, overweight, large box, and dimensional weight charges. Most costs are built into the Band Shoppe U.S. shipping chart except for items that ship by truck, such as podiums and ladders, that are quoted on a case by case basis for the best possible rate.

4. What is Dimensional Weight? Dimensional weight is the size of the box and its minimum weight make up the shipping charges. A Band Shoppe bulk shoebox that is 25″ × 20″ × 15″ could hold 50 rain ponchos and weigh 40 pounds. The same box packed with feather plumes may weigh 15 pounds but be charged as a 25-pound box because of the dimensional weight.

Whether you are with a school or an individual, we recognize that shipping costs are very important to all of our customers. Band Shoppe is committed to improving the cost and service level of our shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (800) 457-3501 or visit our contact page.

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