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Band Shoppe Asks…Genesis

Genesis Shares Their Thoughts on Show Day

In our three-part blog series; Band Shoppe Asks…we are asking our partnering Drum Corps questions during the three stages of DCI’s current season.

This is the second part of our series, these questions have been answered by members of Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps brass section

“What Goes Into A Show Day?”

A special thank you, to James Walker (2nd year Tuba player), Benjamin Allgood (7th year Mellophone leader), and Steven Quintanar (4th year Trumpet player – and bus loading captain) from Genesis, who have graciously answered our questions for Part #2

Let’s hear what they have to say…

What’s your favorite part about a show day?

J: Performing for the audience and getting to eat junk food after the show!
B: The show.
S: Audience, of course!

How is a show day different from a full rehearsal day?

J: For a show day there is less time for rehearsal and there is also EPL and show prep to add onto it.
B: The pacing of show days are much quicker, and show days are much more relaxed.
S: We get to wear the uniforms, and have people to play to other than staff members.

What’s the mood on the bus ride to the venue?

J: Usually focused unless the ride is long then there is time to squeeze a nap in.
B: Focused.
S: I get very focused, but relaxed at the same time.

How much time do you have between lot and performing?

J: Between lot and performance time there is 15 – 20 minutes of walking and standing at the gate.
B: Hour and a half most of the time.
S: About an hour and a half to two hours.

Genesis brass section plays their Retro Vertigo show “PIN IT”, Do you have any pre-show rituals?

J: We put our corps necklaces onto tokem, our low brass idol which someone usually puts at the front of the field.
B: No.
S: I listen to the same song before every show, it helps set my mood.

What goes through your mind as you step onto the field?

J: As I step onto the field I like to think about my show step by step to make sure I get it right.
B: It’s just another chance to perform and entertain.
S: I am extremely confident, and I get amped to show off to anyone who is willing to watch me.

Do you get to talk to members of other performing corps? If yes, elaborate on the experience.?

J: I do occasionally. Usually talk to them on how their blocks are and how they think they are doing in their season.
B: No.
S: Yes I do! I see my friends from other corps after we all finish performing and I get to meet their friends as well.

What do you usually do after a performance?

J: After a performance we usually have a meeting with the corps director right outside the gate and talk about the show and sing our corps song.
B: Stay by our food trailer, or sometimes I’ll go to a near by restaurant.
S: I eat my snack from the food trailer, then go relax and talk about my day with my friends.

What is your favorite post-show snack?

J: Chocolate Milk.
B: Fruit snacks.
S: Pringles, peach rings, and beef jerky!

How do you wind down after a performance?

J: I’ll usually sit and talk to my friends, ask how their show was, walk around the show site, and look at everyone and how they are doing. Or go get some chocolate milk from a corner store.
B: By being with friends.
S: I just listen to jazz (I’m a big fan), and chill on the bus!

We would like to thank James, Benjamin, and Steven for answering our questions and giving us insights into their show day. We wish them all the best in the last remaining weeks of the 2018 season!

Stay tuned in August to hear from the Boston Crusaders about…What it’s Like to Age-Out!

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