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Band Shoppe Asks…7thRegiment

7th Regiment Shares Their Thoughts on Spring Training

In our three-part blog series; Band Shoppe Asks… we are asking questions to our Drum Corps partners during the three stages of DCI’s current season.

Part #1 kicks off with our friends at 7th Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps, who are currently rehearsing and preparing for their 2018 DCI Open-Class Season. 

Thanks to Katelynn Hyde, a 4th year Guard Sergeant and Victor You, a 2nd year Drum Sergeant for answering all of our questions about their preparation for the season ahead!

So, Katelynn and Victor…

What does a typical day look like during Spring Training?

K: A typical day starts with PT, stretch, and full corps dance block, where we move right into visual. We will usually have visual until lunch, then next block is sectionals, followed by dinner, and then finally we have ensemble after a quick rewarm with our sections.

V: A day usually consists of waking up to a random song picked by our drum major Leslie. Then it’s off to breakfast, then PT and dance, visual, sometimes the battery goes into sectionals, and then lunch. Then the battery will continue sectionals and sometimes we split up into subs. After that, the corps has dinner. Following dinner, is a quick rewarm and then we’ll run right into ensemble. After finishing the run, the corps goes back inside and continue sectionals. We’ll have snack afterwards and then it’s lights out. Rinse and repeat…

Do you stay at one location during Spring Training?

V: Yeah

When does Spring Training end?

K: Mini tour training ends June 29th

How much down time do you get a day, and what do you like to fill it with? 

K: I typically have some down time during meals and i like to spend it talking with my friends, or relaxing
V: Usually meal times and lights out are my down times. I would spend the time catching up with other sections in the corps. Also I can’t lose my snapchat streaks too…

What are the 5 things that you HAVE to have during Spring Training?

K: WATER!!, sunscreen, good sneakers, good attitude, and bungee cords 
V: Any tools for the drums, lots of pencils, water is kinda important, high, but controlled energy, and a smile

What is the thing you are most excited about for the season? 

K: 7th is going in a great direction with our show and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! 
V: The whole vibe of the corps is certainly different, but it is definitely amazing. From the musical selections, drill, and energy that the corps offers, I know that we will do great things.

What food does everyone look forward to the most during Spring Training?

K: Chicken patties
V: Pasta night is tight

How many times do you get to do laundry? 

K: Once every two weeks

What luxuries do you miss from home? 

K: Driving my own car
V: Coffee

Do you have any pre-performance ritual? 

K: I go through any handshakes I have with people, and then we all come to together as a corps for a pep talk and to sing our corps song

Thank you, Katelynn and Victor for answering our questions and giving us insights into your spring training!

We wish you all the best as the DCI Open Class season gets underway NEXT WEEK!

Stay tuned in July to hear from one of our other Corps about What Goes into a Show Day!

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