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  • How to Care for Band Shoes

    How to Care for Band Shoes

    Marching shoes aren’t like regular sneakers so caring for your marching shoes is a must! Not only is it vital to maintain that polished, military look, but they’ll last longer and keep your knees, ankles, and feet safe from injury. The good news is that modern marching shoes don’t need a lot of extra products…

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  • Color Guard Glove Care

    Color Guard Glove Care

    Color guard gloves can be a lifesaver for your hands. Anyone who’s had to catch those big sabre tosses knows — especially those strategically placed padding points! But your gloves go through a lot, and it’s essential to take proper care of them, or they’ll end up looking dirty and shabby, which is a real…

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  • Wooden vs. Plastic Rifles

    Wooden vs. Plastic Rifles

    Rifles have been a part of the color guard activity since the days of military pageantry. Traditionally, these nonfunctioning rifles were made from wood with metal parts to look just like their functioning counterparts.

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