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Tim Fairbanks Fire Grain Marching Snare Sticks


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Ideal for indoor marching and outdoor marching.Promark drumsticks, mallets, and accessories are created by drummers for sound as amazing as they look using only non-endangered wood in the manufacturing process. Promark delivers consistent, premium quality so you can focus on the music!

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Promark Tim Fairbanks Signature Hickory FireGrain Drumstick | Percussion Sticks + Mallets

Manufacturer item #: TXDCTFW-FG

The Tim Fairbanks Signature Marching Snare drumstick by Promark features a long, 4-1/4″ taper as well as a rear taper at the butt end of the stick to produce a great balance and feel in the hands. The diameter at the handle is kept at .708″ for a comfortable grip and then gradually increases to .755″ in shoulder of the drumstick for improved durability. The stick also features a large round tip for a full, articulate sound from the drum. Made of American Hickory, the most popular wood choice for drumsticks because of to its resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel.

Promark FireGrain sticks allow drummers to hit harder and play longer, while keeping their original weight, balance, and attack. No excess vibration, no space age gimmicks, just natural hickory, hardened by flame.

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Product Features

  • Part of Promark’s Autograph Series
  • Made of high-quality, durable American Hickory
  • Perfectly balanced with a 4-1/4″ taper
  • Measures 16-13/16″ – 17″ long
  • 0.708″ – .755″ Diameter
  • FireGrain Finish
  • Large Round wood tip
  • Type: Marching Snare
  • Ideal for Indoor Marching and Outdoor Marching
  • All Promark drumsticks are designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Sold as a pair

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