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Promark SD2 Concert Drumsticks


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Ideal for Rock and Orchestra.Promark drumsticks, mallets, and accessories are created by drummers for sound as amazing as they look using only non-endangered wood in the manufacturing process. Promark delivers consistent, premium quality so you can focus on the music!

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Promark Classic SD2 Maple Wood Tip Drumstick | Percussion Sticks + Mallets

Manufacturer item #: SD2W

Classic SD2 Maple Wood Tip Drumstick from Promark features a smaller tip and medium length taper, providing greater control while playing softer passages in orchestral or drumset applications. The small round tip produces a bright, full tone that is articulate on drums and cymbals. Made from very light American Maple allowing for a large diameter stick without the weight.

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Product Features

  • Made of lightweight, flexible American Maple
  • Medium taper for a balanced rebound and a relaxed feel
  • Measures 15-3/4″ – 16″ long
  • 0.530″ Diameter
  • Lacquer Finish
  • Small Round shaped wood tip
  • Type: Drum Set
  • Ideal for Rock and Orchestra
  • All Promark drumsticks are designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Sold as a pair

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