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The Boston Crusaders will be rehearsing in Evansville on July 17 as they travel from Alexandria, KY to their next destination in El Dorado, KS as part of the DCI Summer Tour. During their stop in Evansville, The Crusaders will be holding a hands-on clinic and performing their show, Quixotic, in this FREE community event.

This is truly a magnificent opportunity to #ShareTheCorps with someone who may not know about DCI or who have never experienced the awesome sound of drum & bugle corps!

BOSTON DAY: An Afternoon with The Boston Crusaders

WHEN: Sunday, July 17
TIME: Gates Open at 1:30PM
WHERE: Reitz Bowl, Evansville’s West Side
COST: FREE to the Public

Refreshments will be sold at the event.
In addition, The Crusaders souvi truck will be open to purchase your favorite CRUSADERS swag!

Event Schedule
1:30PM : Gates Open at Reitz Bowl
2:30PM : The Boston Crusaders will perform their show Quixotic
3:00PM : The corps will hold an ensemble clinic where they will break down their show for the audience and explain the meaning of the movement and music behind Quixotic
4:00PM : The corps will invite students middle school age through age 20 to the field for a break-out, hands-on clinic. Students will be able to experience the brass, percussion, and guard sections of The Crusaders. NO INSTRUMENTS NEEDED FOR CLINIC.
5:00PM : Closing of event

We hope you will join us for a fun afternoon of music education and community pride. #ShareTheCorps with someone new and experience drum corps with them for the first time.

FIND OUT MORE @ drumsontheohio.com/bostonday

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The Boston Crusaders are excited to bring their 2016 production, Quixotic, to the field; a reflection of the masterpiece The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. Considered one of the most influential works of literature from the Spanish Golden Age, Don Quixote has been called “the best literary work ever written” by the Bokklubben World Library.

On a field of windmills, the show opens with an interpretation of The Impossible Dream” and “I, Don Quixote” from the Broadway musical. The corps travels the entirety of the field, in itself a challenging musical and visual feat, reflecting Quixote’s quest “to travel the world, righting all wrongs.” The heart of the program presents a series of juxtaposed visual and musical events, non sequiturs reflecting the hero’s various adventures, battles and visions. Solo performers, small ensembles, mixed large ensembles, percussion interludes, guard layering and interruptions present full sensory “quixoticism.” The production climaxes with “tilting at windmills” (literally) ((or are they giants?)), the definitive image of Don Quixote.

The program concludes with the iconic “The Impossible Dream,” the musical reflection of Don Quixote’s spirit and journey, an anthem for the quixotic dreamer in us all.

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