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Single Tone Electric Whistle


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Produce the sound of a whistle at the push of a button. Provides a 105dB blast which is easy to recognize. Improve hygiene, hand operated instead of mouth blown, this whistle is perfect for multiple users.

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Windsor Single Tone Electronic Whistle | Band Accessories

Requires: 2-AAA batteries (included)

Produce the sound of a whistle at the push of a button with the Single Tone Electronic Whistle from Windsor. The orange single tone whistle emits a loud, pealess whistle sound on command. Providing a 105dB blast, this whistle is easy to recognize. Perfect for band directors, coaches, or staff and is a great assistant getting a group’s attention. The push-button design is a more sanitary design for multiple users, and allows for sounding the whistle without placing it on your lips – perfect for speaking or running while sounding the whistle at the same time. Includes wrist lanyard for quick access and 2-AAA batteries, which produces over 1000 uses.

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Product Features

  • Electronic whistle
  • 105dB loud, consistent sound
  • Hand operated and sanitary for many users
  • Wrist lanyard for easy and quick access
  • More sanitary design for multiple users
  • Includes 2-AAA batteries which provides over 1000 uses

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