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Grabber Hand Warmers Glove Inserts


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2 warmers per package.The best choice for a cost-effective, disposable heat source. Reacts to the outside air to provide several hours of heat.

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Grabber Hand Warmers | Glove Accessories

Measures: 2″ x 3″

Grabber Hot Hands Hand Warmers are the best choice for a cost-effective, disposable heat source. Open the package and the heat pad immediately reacts to the outside air to provide several hours of heat. Small enough to fit inside a pocket or glove, pad measures only 2″ x 3″. Non-toxic, all natural ingredients that are non-combustible. 2 warmers per package. Great for marching bands and color guard performers during cold seasons. Perfect to use with the Augusta Tech Glove.

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Product Features

  • Pad measures 2″ x 3″
  • Fit inside a pocket or glove
  • 2 warmers per package

Additional information


Grabber Warmers

How to Use

How to use these hand warmers:

  • Open the outer package and expose the packet to air. No shaking is necessary. For best results, use Hand Warmer in an enclosed area with air, such as a pocket or glove.
  • Reaches average temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Max temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Warmers will heat up immediately when activated, but will take up to 20 minutes to fully activate.
  • Warmers usually last about 7 hours

Caution: Children, the elderly, the handicapped and those unable to remove hand warmer by themselves should be supervised when using product. Remove the hand warmer immediately if it becomes uncomfortably hot. If used incorrectly, higher temperatures may occur, causing burns.

Do not use hand warmers:

  • On skin directly for an extended period of time
  • On parts of body other than hands
  • With infants or small children
  • On bruising or swelling
  • On frostbite or desensitized skin
  • While sleeping