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Ferree’s Standard Repair Kit


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Ships via ups ground only.Ferree’s Tools Inc. is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of quality band instrument repair tools. Perfect for band directors and experienced musicians, this kit contains most items necessary for on-the-spot repairs.

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Ferree’s Standard Repair Kit | Band Room Essentials

Kit Contains: Cork Cement, Round Nose Pliers, Spring Hook, Swivel Top Screwdriver, Feelers, Cork Knife, Valve Oil, Slide Oil, Bore Oil, Cork Grease, Clarinet Pads, Sax Pads, Flute Pads, Water Key Springs, French Horn Cord, Flat Springs, Screws, Alcohol Lamp, Key Bending Pliers, Brasso, Pad Leveling Tool, Special Pad Prick, Rawhide Mallet, Pivot Screw Key Reamer, Shellac, 4 Thickness Sheet Cork, Water Key Corks, Tapered Neck Corks, Valve Stem Felts, Valve Stem Corks, Felt Bumpers, Sax Key Felts, Stainless Round Springs, Flat Springs, Valve Springs, Pivot Screws, Thumb Rest Screws, Valve Cleaning Rod, Valve Mirror, Emery Strip, Lyre Screws, Ligature Screws, Baritone Bell Screws and Sousaphone Bell Screws

Perfect for band directors and experienced musicians. This kit contains most items necessary for on-the-spot repairs, all contained in a sturdy box. Includes multipurpose metal polish, premium brush contact cement, cork grease, valve/slide/bore, and key oils.Ships via UPS Ground only.

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Product Features

Kit contains

    • Tools:
      • Round Nose Pliers
      • Spring Hook
      • Swivel Top Screwdriver
      • Cork Knife
      • Alcohol Lamp
      • Flat Nose Pliers
      • Pad Leveling Tool
      • Special Pad Prick
      • Rawhide Mallet
      • Pivot Screw Key Reamer
      • Valve Cleaning Rod
      • Valve Mirror and Emery Strip.


  • Supplies:
    • Brasso
    • Cork Cement
    • Key Oil
    • Valve Oil
    • Slide Oil
    • Bore Oil
    • Cork Grease
    • Clarinet Pads
    • Sax Pads
    • Flute Pads
    • Water Key Springs
    • French Horn Cord
    • Flat Spring Screws
    • Lyre Screws
    • Ligature Screws
    • Baritone Bell Screws
    • Sousaphone Bell Screws. Shellac
    • 4 Thicknesses of Sheet Cork
    • Water Key Corks
    • Tapered Neck Corks
    • Valve Stem Felts
    • Valve Stem Corks
    • Felt Bumpers
    • Sax Key Felts
    • Stainless Steel Round Springs
    • Flat Springs
    • Valve Springs
    • Pivot Screws and Thumb Rest Screws
  • Packed in a durable plastic toolbox with a pull-out tray

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