The Amazing Mace drum major mace is engineered to be stronger,
durable, and balanced to withstand even the toughest throws.

amazing mace diagram with key features numbered


Band Shoppe has everything you need to outfit any drum major for your next marching show, parade, or competition, from shoes, gloves, and the Amazing Mace to whistles, spats, mace cords, and more.

How to measure for your next performance mace.

Remember, this guide is a great starting point, but every person is different – some performers may prefer a longer mace, while others may stick to a shorter mace. Personal preference is most important when choosing a mace length.


Have the student stand with legs parallel, back straight, and arms relaxed to the side. Using a cloth measuring tape, measure from the ball of the shoulder to the ground – the result is your suggested mace length. If the number falls between lengths, size up.

Measuring diagram -- for assistance, contact our sales team
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