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Engineered for all performance levels

Unlike other marching band maces, the Amazing Mace American style drum major mace performs beautifully even after repeated drops making it the perfect mace for all skill levels – from novice to expert. This completely overhauled and modernized mace is built with input from marching band directors and drum majors. Try it for yourself and feel the difference!

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Key Features

The Amazing Mace drum major mace is engineered to be stronger, durable, and balanced to withstand even the toughest throws.

amazing mace diagram with key features numbered

Anatomy of a mace. Created by an instrument repairman specifically for competitors, The Amazing Mace was designed with key features that allow drum majors to practice their sport without high-cost replacements and repairs, including a fiber glass shaft, solid brass crown, chrome-plated steel dome and ferrule, and replaceable parts.

  1. Interlocking dome, weight, and ball
  2. Dome Securley attached with 4 screws
  3. Fiberglass Shaft with metallic fleck
  4. High Strength Ferrule Connection
  5. Chrome Plated Steel Tapered Ferrule
  6. Rubber Tip for added protection

How does it compare to the All American Mace?
One of our most commonly asked questions, our customers say that the Amazing Mace has more flex in the shaft with the balance point on the Amazing Mace slightly closer to the top.

Don't Forget the Accessories!

Band Shoppe has everything you need to outfit any drum major for your next marching show, parade, or competition. From shoes, gloves, and of course the Amazing Mace to whistles, spats, mace cords, and more.

black mace and baton bag
Mace Bag

Keep your Amazing Mace looking it's best and help protect it from damage while in storage or on the go with this sturdy mace and baton bag.

black cord with tassels

Band Shoppe offers replacement cords, perfect for the Amazing Mace. These cords measure approximately 140" long with 4" tassels at both ends.

silver pea-style whistle

The 60-1/2 Thunderer Whistle from Acme is the smallest, shrillest, and most popular whistle for coaches, band directors, and drum majors.

black and white gloves

Complete your uniform with a pair of comfortable marching band gloves from Band Shoppe, available in nylon, polyester, or cotton.


Add a cord (or two) to your Amazing Mace

The Amazing Mace comes unwrapped, but Band Shoppe has made it easy to match your organization or swap out an old cord for a new vibrant color. These cords measure approximately 140 inches long with 4 inch tassels at both ends.

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How to measure for your next performance mace.

Remember, while is guide is a great starting point, but every person is different. Some performers may prefer a longer mace while others stick to a shorter mace. Personal preference is most important when choosing a mace length.


Have the student stand with legs parallel, back straight, and arms relaxed to the side. Using a cloth measuring tape, measure from the ball of the shoulder to the ground – the result is your suggested mace length. If the number falls between lengths, size up.

Measuring diagram -- for assistance, contact our sales team