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Water Cooler with Legs


SKU: 71233

Make your water cooler accessible. Have a couple of these around for hot rehearsal days to stay hydrated. Built-in support legs. 5-gallon capacity.

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red water cooler Water Cooler with Legs – Color: Red
royal water cooler Water Cooler with Legs – Color: Royal
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Water Cooler Carrier with Stand | Hydration

Colors Available: Red, Royal

Measures: 48″ tall with legs fully extended

Tired of being limited to where you can take a water cooler? The Sideliner 5-gallon water cooler can be used independently from tables which gives you the ability to take it anywhere with no limitations. Features three telescoping legs that adjust to any height you need. Because they are independently adjustable, you can even put the cooler on uneven ground without the worry that it will tip over. Or fold the legs away neatly so the large container can be used as a traditional cooler on a bench or table top.

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Product Features

  • 5-gallon capacity
  • Built-in support legs
  • 48″ tall with legs fully extended
  • The spout is approximately 26″ high with legs extended
  • BPA free

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Red, Royal