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Band Shoes


Whether you're marching on the turf or black top, or doing choreography on the percussion floor, it's important to find shoes that provide the right comfort and support required for both practice and performance. Having a great pair of marching shoes can make all the difference! And with bulk ordering and no price minimums, buying marching band shoes has never been easier.

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Choosing a style of marching band shoe that will fit your performance is important. For marching band and drum corps, comfort, quality, durability, and functionality are key to choosing the right shoe to put your best foot forward. When selecting a shoe, choose one that will give proper arch support and provides comfortable padding on the heel of the foot.

Certain shoes will encourage the rolled heel technique that most corp-style marching bands implement, such as the Drillmasters. Dark color shoes can hide footwork mistakes for rookie marchers. Patent shoes with a shiny finish, like the StylePlus Pinnacle, look great under the lights. Be sure to also consider the surface you or your group will be marching on the most as some shoes are better for asphalt or gym floors, like the DSI Viper. And when purchasing a shoe, never select a size that is too short or too snug and tight. This could promote blisters and cut off circulation to your foot.

When marching season is approaching, be sure to buy marching band shoes early for the best selection.

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