In Stock Show Flag 5538580

In Stock Show Flag 5538580

Product no. 5538580


36 x 54 - Black / Red
36 x 54 - Black / Royal
36 x 54 - White / Silver
36 x 54 - Black / Brass
36 x 54 - Red / Red
36 x 54 - Light Yellow / Gold
36 x 54 - Lime / Celery
36 x 54 - Aquamarine / Seafoam
36 x 54 - Sapphire / Dark Blue
36 x 54 - Violet / Iris
36 x 54 - Lavender / Lavender
36 x 54 - Hot Pink / Hot Pink
36 x 54 - Black / Silver
36 x 54 - Champagne / Gold

In Stock Show Flag 5538580 | Sewn Color Guard Flags

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Colors Available: Black/Red, Black/Royal, White/Silver, Black/Brass, Red/Red, Light Yellow/Gold, Lime/Celery, Aquamarine/Seafoam, Sapphire/Dark Blue, Violet/Iris, Lavender/Lavender, Hot Pink/Hot Pink, Black/Silver, Champagne/Gold
Size: Measures approx. 36" x 54"

Band Shoppe sewn color guard flags use the finest vibrant and colorful fabrics available on the market. Constructed using field-tested techniques, we ensure superior quality every step of the way. Our flags are sewn with a double felled stitch along with reinforced stress points, making them tough and durable to last all season and beyond. Whether straight from the catalog or a completely original design, Band Shoppe is proud of every flag we sew!

Black/Red: Black Poly China Silk and Red Lamé
Black/Royal: Black Poly China Silk and Royal Blue Lamé
White/Silver: White Poly China Silk and Silver Lamé
Black/Brass: Black Poly China Silk with Brass Lamé
Red/Red: Red Poly China Silk and Red Lamé
Light Yellow/Gold: Light Yellow Poly China Silk and Yellow Lamé
Lime/Celery: Lime Poly China Silk and Lime Lamé
Aquamarine/Seafoam: Aqua Marine Poly China Silk and Seafoam Lamé
Sapphire/Dark Blue: Sapphire Poly China Silk and Dark Blue Lamé
Violet/Iris: Violet Poly China Silk and Iris Lamé
Lavender/Lavender: Lavender Poly China Silk and Lavender Lamé
Hot Pink/Hot Pink: Hot Pink Poly China Silk and Hot Pink Lamé
Black/Silver: Black Poly China Silk and Silver Lamé
Champagne/Gold: Champagne Poly China Silk and Gold Lamé

Need some help before you order? Contact our friendly Sales Team at 1.800.457.3501 or by email at with any questions and they will be happy to assist you.

  • Measures: approx. 36" x 54" (all flag sizes are approximate)
  • Shape: Arc Shape
  • Strong double-layered headers
  • Reinforced stress points
  • Clear monofilament thread used for strongest seams
  • Interlock double needle seams
  • Customization available at additional charge

Band Shoppe's sewn color guard flags use the highest quality fabric and are sewn with a double felled stitch, making them tough and durable to last all season and beyond.

See Customization Tab Below for Details
Available Sizes:
30" x 46" (5' Pole) [deduct $5.00 from listed price]
33" x 50" (5 ½ ' Pole) [deduct $3.00 from listed price]
36" x 54" (6' Pole) [shown]
42" x 60" (7' Pole) [add $8.00 to listed price]

All custom flag prices are for quantities of 10 or more.
Minimum of 3 flags for custom orders. For quantities of 3 (minimum) to 9, add $5.00 EA.

Any Band Shoppe flag can be made-to-order by changing design elements including colors, shapes, sizes, and/or fabrics. Changing any design elements of our in stock flags will automatically make your order a Custom Flag. Please Note: Pricing and delivery times will be affected. Our FREE design services include full color sketches, so you can see what your flag will look like before you buy.

Custom Sewn flags require a minimum order of three (3) flags per style and color. Receive a quantity discount when you order ten (10) or more per style or color. Most custom flag orders will ship in about 2-4 weeks once artwork is approved and payment is submitted. Allow an additional 4-5 weeks for digitally printed flags. Speak to our knowledgeable Sales Team if you have any questions.

 CUSTOM SEWN FLAG GUIDE: Learn more about Custom Sewn Flags.

 CUSTOM HYBRID FLAG GUIDE: Learn more about Custom Hybrid Flags.

 GET OUR FREE DESIGN GUIDE: Includes templates and suggested colors.

 FLAG FAQ: Answers to our most commonly asked questions.


Contact us at 1.800.457.3501, email, or use our online sketch request form to place your custom flag order.

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In Stock Show Flag 5538580

In Stock Show Flag 5538580: 5538580



In Stock Show Flag 5538580

In Stock Show Flag 5538580: 5538580