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Items Selected With Marching Bands In Mind

Shop our large selection of portable PA systems that are perfect for schools, gyms, houses of worship, airports - and, of course, band camps - rely on PA systems to deliver music, speech, and other audio. Of course, PA systems include more than just speakers; Band Shoppe carries a variety of accessories like microphones, cords, carrying cases, and tripods. Our selection of metronomes, instrument tuners, and more will help performers play their best. Band Shoppe carries top brands like Samson, MiPro, Pyware, BOSS, Anchor Audio, and AmpliVox. We also carry DVDs from the industry leaders at WGI and Star Line to help your students learn from the best!

Pyware 3D Basic

Pyware 3D Basic

Specializing in software for music educators, Pyware is the world leader in drill design technology!

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70802 | $429.00 ea
Design your own drill! Shop our selection of Pyware Software

Shop Electronics At Band Shopppe

From portable PAs to Megaphones, audio recorders, and mixers, Band Shoppe carries a full selection of electronics selected specifically with marching band and percussion groups in mind. our selection of metronomes, instrument tuners, and more will help performers play their best. We also carry accessories like handheld microphones, headset microphones, headband mics, lapel mics, cables, belt pack transmitters, carrying cases, speaker stands, and more.

PA Systems

Choosing the right portable PA system depends on how and where you'll use it. Modern portable PAs combine live audio inputs, mixing, and speaker amplification into a compact, durable, "all-in-one", easy-to-use package. Designed for crowds of just a few hundred or as large as 5,000+, Band Shoppe has a unit for crowds of almost any size. Portable PA systems from top brands like Samson, Anchor Audio, Liberty, MegaVox, and AmpliVox are perfect for schools, band camps, parades, churches, funerals, and more. Many units include built-in Bluetooth receiver to allow streaming of music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Megaphone, speaking-trumpet, bullhorn, blowhorn, or loudhailer, no matter what you call it, Band Shoppe has one to fit any sized crowd. Available with a built-in siren, these megaphones aren't just for law enforcement, fire departments, and military groups, these effective, durable, and easy to use public address and safety units are great for band directors, color guard instructors, band boosters, schools, cheerleaders, coaches, and parking attendants. Made for indoor or outdoor, anywhere you need your voice heard – and quick.

Recorders and Mixers

Band Shoppe carries select models of Tascam live sound audio mixers. Whether you’re a solo artist or a pit crew member of the band running sound, a band booster volunteer, manning the sound system for your church, or a dedicated engineer controlling the mix for a bigger stage, we have a music mixing solution for you. And with the COVID-19 pandemic a continuing a concern, Band Shoppe knows Skype, FaceTime, and e-Learning have become a huge asset for students and teachers alike. That's why we've added the Meteor and Meteorite desktop microphones from Samson. Perfect for your home office and studio – easy to use with no drivers to install.

Tuners and Metronomes

Band Shoppe's selection of portable tuners are small, lightweight, and convenient to use with features like tempered tuning and specific instrument presets. And our Metronomes click in a steady rhythm to help you practice your time-keeping and rhythm and play a piece reliably on tempo every time. And for ensembles and bands, they're essential for ensuring consistent rhythm and synchronicity across your entire group.

Educational DVDs

Whether you're new to color guard, brushing up on twirling skills, or learning a new color guard weapon Band Shoppe has a complete line of DVDs from WGI and Star Line to bring your team to its highest potential. Train your students with the most current techniques covering baton, flag, rifle, and sabre from beginning tosses to more complicated phrases along with dance, jumps, and body movement. These DVDs feature teachers like Rosie Miller, Andy Toth, Carol Abohatab, Jill Brennan, Robby DuFresne, April Gilligan, Fred Marier, Rosie Queen, Adam Sage, and Tracy Wooton.

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What is a PA System?
A PA system, or Public Address System, is used to project sound and music to a large group. These systems are used in sports stadiums, concerts, marching bands, parades, auctions, news conferences, or any situation where a voice or instrument needs to be amplified.

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