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DSI Arc 1 Rifles

DSI Arc 1 Color Guard Rifle

This "non-weapon" twirling prop from Director's Showcase is a great alternative to traditional wood rifles. The Arc 1's new unique and modern design includes a more contoured shape and a rounded end, making it feel like a rifle without looking like one.


DSI's Arc 1 "non-weapon" twirling prop is a good weapon alternative for programs operating under restrictive school codes or guards who want a modern look for their performance. The Arc 1's unique design includes a contoured shape and a rounded end, giving it the feel of a rifle without looking like one. DSI has removed the strap and bolt as well to further streamline the look. The Arc 1 delivers the same function, feeling, and fierce appearance as our DSI's our color guard rifles. And the Arc 1 is considered a "legal piece of equipment" which qualifies towards WGI equipment time requirements.