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Ultra Prop Film
  • Ultra Prop Film
  • Ultra Prop Film

Ultra Prop Film


Product no. 64340


4" - Beige
4" - Black
4" - Brown
4" - Burgundy
4" - Columbia
4" - Crimson
4" - Dark Green
4" - Flame
4" - Gold
4" - Goldenrod
4" - Grape
4" - Grey
4" - Hot Pink
4" - Kelly
4" - Lavender
4" - Light Yellow
4" - Lime
4" - Navy
4" - Orchid
4" - Pine
4" - Pink
4" - Purple
4" - Red
4" - Royal
4" - Sapphire
4" - Silver
4" - Sunflower
4" - Teal
4" - Turquoise
4" - White
4" - Yellow

Ultra Prop Film | Pole & Rifle Tapes


Available in: White, Black, Gold, Silver, Beige, Brown, Burgundy, Red, Flame, Goldenrod, Sunflower, Light Yellow, Yellow, Dark Green, Kelly, Teal, Navy, Royal, Sapphire, Purple, Lavender, Grey, Lime, Grape, Orchid, Turquoise, Columbia, Pine, Crimson, Hot Pink, and Pink

Measures: 4" wide x 30' long rolls (poles sold separately)

Ultra Prop Film is perfect to blend flag poles into flag headers, add a splash of color to your show, or protect your rifles and props from wear and tear. Moisture-resistant and wear-resistant. Easy to apply. This brightly colored tape features a peel away paper backing. Band Shoppe's Ultra Prop Film is sold in 10-yard rolls. Measures 4" wide.


Pole Application Instructions:
Working on a surface with a little bit of give, such as a thin rug or the high-traffic carpet in some band rooms. Start with a clean pole with crutch tips removed. Cut about 38" of prop film from the roll (for a 6' pole), then carefully remove the paper backing. With your film adhesive-side UP laying on the ground parallel to your pole, line up the bottom end of your pole with the bottom of the tape - make sure everything is nice and straight otherwise it will go on crooked. Now slowly roll your poll over the film pressing firmly as you go. Press out any bubbles.

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  • Made of PVC
  • Ultra-vibrant glossy color
  • Measure 4" wide x 360" long
  • Sold by the roll, 10 yards per roll
  • 2.8 mil thickness
  • Moisture-resistant and wear-resistant
  • Easy to apply peel and stick adhesive
  • As with all tapes, this product may leave a slight residue upon removal
  • Cleaner and easier to apply than paint
  • Available in a wide range of colors

How to use Ultra Prop Film

Ultra Prop Film is perfect for blending flag poles into flag headers, adding a splash of color to you show, or protecting your props from wear and tear.

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Ultra Prop Film

Ultra Prop Film: 64340

12.95 USD


Ultra Prop Film

Ultra Prop Film: 64340

12.95 USD