Flag Pole + Rifle Tape

Pole & Rifle Tape

Add a pop of color with Band Shoppe's pole and rifle tape. Choose from many materials and finishes to customize your show including our favorite, Ultra-Prop Film. Match poles to your flags or go with bold contrast. And don't forget the rifle tape! Rifle tape and strapping tape are a necessity to prolong the life of wooden rifles.

 Learn How To Tape Your Color Guard Rifle

We love ultra prop film!

Since it was introduced to the Band Shoppe collection in 2013, our Ultra Prop Film has been a crowd favorite! Available in 31 vibrant colors (each named to coordinate with our In Stock Poly China Silk), this lightweight PVC prop tape is only 2.8 mils with a beautiful glossy finish. Great for contrasting or blending color guard flag pols with silks, each roll is 10 yards long which means you cape tape roughly nine 6' poles covered with each roll. Protect your rifles and props from wear and tear too, our Ultra Prop Film is moisture-resistant, wear-resistant, and easy to apply with a peel-away paper backing.

Application takes a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy. It's best to work on a surface with a little bit of give, such as a thin rug or the high-traffic carpet in some band rooms. Start with a clean pole with crutch tips removed. Cut about 38" of prop film from the roll (for a 6' pole), then carefully remove the paper backing. With your film adhesive-side UP laying on the ground parallel to your pole, line up the bottom end of your pole with the bottom of the tape - make sure everything is nice and straight otherwise it will go on crooked. Now slowly roll your poll over the film pressing firmly as you go. Press out any bubbles and you're done!

Don't worry - we made a video

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