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Star Line Twirling DVD - Volume 3
Star Line Twirling DVD Volume 3

Price: $25.00

Style ID: DC8913

Product Overview

StarLine Baton Twirling Volume 3 DVD is a continuation of material taught in Volumes 1 and 2. The material will take longer to master due to the difficulty of these new tricks. Volume 3 will introduce Basic Twirls (backhand toss, vertical back catch, etc.) basic rolls (double elbow roll, shoulder rolls, etc) movement techniques and basic "fun" tricks. the DVD ends with a basic marching routine using material from all three volumes.

Opened videos are non-exchangable and non-returnable.

Detailed List:

Basic Twirls; Backhand Toss, Dead stick release with RH Back Catch, R Thumb Toss-One Spin to the left, Thumb flip catch in March Step, Flat (Horizontal) Toss-One spin to the left, Vertical Back catch.
Basic Rolls; Double Elbow Roll, Shoulder Rolls, Elbow Extension-hand roll-Elbow Retraction Roll, Fishtails

Basic Movement Technique; One Spin to the left, One spin to the right, Forward & Reverse Illusions.

Basic Fun Tricks; Wrist Wrap, 2 Finger Peaks, Shoulder Wrap, Shoulder Swing spinning left

Basic Twirling Routine; 12 sets of 8 cunts of a Basic Show Routine - continued on from DVD #2 with material taught in DVD #3.