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Star Line Twirling DVD - Volume 1
Star Line Twirling DVD Volume 1

Price: $25.00

Style ID: DC8911

Product Overview

StarLine Baton Twirling Unlimited Volume 1 introduces the beginner to Basic Twirls (figure 8, forward loop, reverse loop, etc.) basic rolls (straight arm rolls, elbow roll, etc.) movement techniques and basic "fun" tricks. The DVD ends with a portion of a basic march routine using material from Volume 1.

Opened videos are non-exchangable and non-returnable.

Basic Twirls; Figure-8, Flat Wrist Twirl, Forward Loop, Reverse Loop, Reverse Figure-8, Flourish, Whip, Vertical 4 Finger Twirl, Thumb Roll, Flat (Horizontal)Toss.

Basic Rolls; Straight Arm Roll, Front & Black Neck Roll down, Elbow Roll, Hand/Hand Roll, Hand Roll Figure-8.

Basic Movement Technique; Stretches (Straddle position on the floor), Ballet Positions, Pivot Turns Left and Right, Lunges-2nd and 47th position, Step Ball-Change, Step Close Step (Chasse), 3 Step Turn (Chaine Turn)

Basic Fun Tricks; Straddle Pass, Twist up-Untwist, Slap Trick, Pretzel, Front 2 Hand Spin, Dead Stick Release, Neck Wrap, Elbow Pass, Elbow Grab, Head Scratcher, Back Scratcher.

Basic March Routine; 9 sets of 8 counts of a Basic march routine from material learned throughout DVD #1.