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Peterson StroboSoft 2.0 Deluxe Suite
Peterson StroboSoft 2.0 Deluxe Suite

Price: $109.00

Style ID: DC942

Product Overview
StroboSoft uses the power of your computer and its high resolution to accurately display the pitch of your instrument with razor-sharp 0.1 cent accuracy. Consistent tuning results can be effortlessly achieved each and every time. With StroboSoft 2.0, there is no reason why any element in your session should sound out of tune with itself or the mix.

How Strobosoft Works - As a stand-alone, just use your notebook's built-in mic or plug in a microphone and start tuning! StroboSoft is simple to use in its chromatic tune mode and also has an exclusive instrument mode that allows you to define your instrument to StroboSoft and store those settings in presets to be quickly recalled at any time. After storing your presets, tuning multiple instruments with StroboSoft is quick and easy.

Add professional tuning power to your DAW with StroboSoft's sLINK™ Technology. sLINK allows you to add a VST/AU tuner to you favorite recording host application. Plug StroboSoft in your recording sessions to have an accurate Peterson strobe tuner at your disposal any time!